Flame (chain), 2013

Production still by Simone Falso

Camera and pictures: Simone Falso
stage manager: Lara Facco
equipment and juggling lessons: Lameks
costume: Shantala dance supplies, Padova
Thanks to: Luisa Altafini, Andrea Penzo+Cristina Fiore and the “Truppa”of volunteers of Forte Carpenedo
And here are the first sketches by Vittorio Bustaffa inspired by Flame (chains).
A new character is coming: mythological figure, devil or super hero?


boia decapitato
monolite in tutù
senza bisogno di ancheggiare
sciogli te e il forte
dall’incantesimo che impietra
- mangiafuoco senza lingua
demiurgo senza argilla
infante senza infanzia -

Alice Di Lauro

beheaded headsman,
monolith in a tutu,
with no need to wiggle
free yourself and the fortress
from the petrifying enchantment.
- fire-eater without tongue,
demiurge without clay,
child without a childhood -

Alice Di Lauro


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