I began my journey with situations of mental disability through workshops for children, museum education, teaching in high school and college, until the recent role of Educator in rehabilitative community for minors with Noi Associazione in Padova and the actual cooperation with Fondazione Wurmkos  in Sesto San Giovanni (MI).

Permanent workshop
at Fondazione Wurmkos, Sesto San Giovanni. (Download testo_wurmkos.pdf)

At work

Work in progress


Savino’s house project


Cut the face
workshop at Scuola Elementare Diaz, Venezia, April 2012


The beast and the Heart
workshop on Meditation, Symbols and Drawing at ACME Fine Arts Academy, Milano
Body Phenomenology course by Professor Giovanna Ricotta


Clay workshop
at Noi, educational and rehabilitative community for minors with behavioural and emotional disorders, Padova, 2012, with Alessandra Pruneddu, psychotherapist.

Our tree

At the ceramist shop

The ceramic furnace

Almost finished…


Rompiamo i giocattoli (Let’s break the toys)
Workshop at Scuola Elementare Diaz, Venezia, 2011


Art Workshop Assistant
Johnson Elementary School, Johnson, Vermont (USA)
January 2011


Andrea Contin and his Students
Final show of Boston University Art Studio Program at Scatola Bianca Project Room in Venice, May 1 – June 3, 2010, curated by Martina Cavallarin

Andrea Contin, Painting Teacher, Kaitlin McDonough, Assistant, and the students Hillary Babick, Darien Bird, Lydia Byun, Rachel Cimino, Maeve Doolan, Norris Duncan, Torie Kirshe, Samantha Lehmann, Ben Loeliger and Andrew Thomas

Andrea Contin, Under my thumb, 2010, pencil on paper, cm 100×70

Exhibition view



workshop and group show by Andrea Kvas at Boston University Art Studio Program
curated by Andrea Contin and Associazione ‘e’, Venezia


workshop by Jabulani Maseko and Kiluanji Kia Henda at Boston University Art Studio Program
curated by Andrea Contin, Mara Ambrosic, Fondazione Bevilacqua-La Masa and Associazione ‘e’, Venezia


Andrea Contin’s Inferno
Workshop on Dante’s Inferno with the students of Boston University Art Studio Program, Venezia, 2009http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/808_39234538606_8155_n.jpg
the Master and the Angels

Angels Army from Guariento’s painting

the burning city (where violents and hungers go down)

The Acheronte river on the floor, with a sinner’s leg and the Caronte’s ferry (the little paper-boat)

the fight between Archangel and Devils!

The sinners wall (the ice land) -  with the Acheronte river on background

The sinners wall (the ice land) – detail

Lucifer, the belly and the Master


Teacher of Drawing and Sculpture
Liceo Artistico Orsoline di San Carlo, Milano, 2006-2009

Drawing class, Still life drawing, drapery.


Sculpture class, Still Life bas-relieves
bas-relif and drawing by Francesca Cadei


Albero (tree), bas-relif by Camilla Marcheselli


Bas-relif by Alice Carbone


2006/07, Complessità (complexity), Sculpture class at Liceo Artistico Orsoline di San Carlo


Some works:

Match-man, by Valentina Almerico


Crucifix, by Marco Monferrini


Bomb, by Luca Costa


Butterfly (punched bust in clay), by Rosanna Pellacini
punched bust in clay


2009, Graffiti workshop with Airone and Dado,
curated by Prof. Andrea Contin at Liceo Artistico Orsoline di San Carlo

Let’s play!


Andrea Contin’s Inferno
Workshop/performance by Andrea Contin
December 6-7, 2008
Venezia – Boston University Studio Art Program, Painting Studio


Studio Assistant of the Sculptor Andrea Pardini, Padova, 2001